Saturday 7 august 6 07 /08 /Aug 12:28

Here's a video I found recently through Global Voices made by a group of artists and thinkers in Russia who are trying to wake up the Russian youth which is apparently utterly apolitical. Knowing the current situation and deep political crisis the country is in, that sounds rather unbelievable and neither the government not the opposition have managed to stir up some political debate.


What I like in this video is that the more abstract level of the discussion makes it relevant not only to Russia but to virtually any country, any citizen/netizen in the world. It's well written, well directed and for once does not take the audience for a bunch of brainless sheeps. Of course it's controversial (we can't all be revolutionaries, need to make a living, and don't always have the choice to avoid exploitation) and many have tried to do just the same, but I find this one at least does not try to blindly insult everyone and  reveals some reflection about the way we lead our lives.

The pace might be too fast for that type of philosophical discourse, but in the end it's more efficient: there's no need to think too much, just feel and realize what's going on in our lives.



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Friday 30 july 5 30 /07 /Jul 19:39

Cover of "Boys Don't Cry" by the Cure that I recorded with my sister only an hour before she takes her train back to Paris. We spent a whole week playing music quite a lot (as we used to a few years back in Paris) and really needed to capture the feeling. As I'm leaving to Shanghai in a month, that makes a pretty good souvenir!


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Tuesday 9 march 2 09 /03 /Mar 10:03

Here's the video of "Fashion For Change", an ethical fashion show that was organized on LSE campus by LSE Development and Fashion societies together. |The aim was to promote ethical fashion and show it has become affordable and a realisitc alternative to the mainstream. Many designers were invited to take part in the event and lent their collections.
Two speakers from London College of Fashion and Traid (the non-for profit organization) also introduced their work, thus providing very insightful speeches and information. 

Everyone covering the event in the team was there: interview - video - photography

Fashion for change - LSE fashion show
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Thursday 4 february 4 04 /02 /Feb 10:25
Here's the trailer of a movie I made in Korean last year for school (written, shot and edited in 6 weeks). The original movie lasts 30 min and can be found on dailymotion, but english subtitles are not yet available. So for now, here's the trailer !

<a href=""></a>
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Thursday 7 january 4 07 /01 /Jan 10:19

Presentation of the master Global media and communications, joint degree LSE - Fudan university.

Part 1 : London (LSE)  


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